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Best android wallpaper to use and why.

Each android phone comes with both dull and flashy/ colourful wallpapers for users to choose from. As you could tell just as I do, phone display is one of the […]

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Activate offline gmail access and converse without data

Good news to Gmail users as google unveils the gmail offline option to its users. The feature that is hosted only on chrome and in several countries will allow activated […]

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Stream TV shows and movies on android for free in this way

When you get to hear this word FREE at times it is an ambiguous one. It could be used as a bait with hidden charges especially in this era of […]

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Here are best translation apps for android

Getting the best translation app for whichever right purpose is a good thing to ease your tasks. Here I have compiled some best picks from playstore to help you in […]

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Strategy Motorola used to win more sales for its new moto G series

It’s that time of year when Motorola shows off the new generation of the Moto G, its most successful series. At the unveiling in Brazil, many were in for a […]

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Huwawei builds it’s own mobile Operating system amidst trade tension with U.S.A

The prospect that ZTE could lose its license to use Google’s Android operating system for smartphones has also raised the question: does China need its own smartphone OS as a […]