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New feature on whatsapp allows you to demote admins

The latest update on the beta channel on WhatsApp gives you control over your notifications and it is called high priority notifications. On the beta Android app (ver 2.18.117), when […]

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How to decide on what smartphone to buy

Till mid 90s, having a phone in your pocket was a new and exciting feeling, a preserve of the rich and successful, often referred to as the man or woman […]

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Doing this will just kill your Android phone

There are so many things we do to our android phones that are injustice of the highest oder. Grave mistakes that eventually kill the phones even before you thought of […]

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Uninstall these five apps right away

Apps like any other thing or being have both good and bad side however, when the cons supersedes the pros then obviously you should have no options but doing away […]

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Common chat abbreviations you should know this year

As our world’s population increase, technology also increase and the language used also increase to accomodate the ever growing population. Sometimes this also triggers change in mode of communication. Most […]

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This is how to save whatsapp status without bothering friends – “please send me the video”

Sometimes you come across a friend’s cool status and you have no option than to screenshot. If it is a video, you reply him/her asking for the video to be […]