This is a keying input device used to enter human concepts into a computer. It manages this by converting the human readable key pressed into a machine readable language.

The convertion process is so fast that as human you may not tell when it occurs. 

The most common type of computer keyboard is known as qwerty key board since it got its first alphabetical row begin with Q W E R T Y however keyboards can also be named according to whom they are made for and why. 

For instance

  1. Braille -used by blinds
  2. Traditional keyboard – ordinary keyboard
  3. Ergonomic – for wrist comfort
  4. Flexible keyboard – can be folded and put into a bag.
  5. Keypad – found on small devices such as cell phones.

Connectivity & advancement

Like any other peripheral device, a keyboard must be connected to the computer for it to be used.

Keyboards can be connected:

  • Via wired connection
  • Wireless connectivity
  • Be integrated on the device itself.

Wired keyboards commonly use ps/2 or usb port interfaces. Where as wireless use Bluetooth,infrared or WiFi connectivity. Intergrated keypads use electrical pathways called Buses.

Factors to consider before buying a keyboard

Before you sought to purchase an input device, put the following in mind.

  1. Purpose intended for
  2. Cost
  3. User friendliness
  4. Warranty

In other words you should understand the exert reason why you want the keyboard.

If you realy are a newbie to computer keyboards then it would be better if you sought a proffesional direction.

Using computer keyboard

  • Place both your arms on home row keys (this is the second row of the alphabetical keys)
  • Place your left hand fingers on ASDF while the right hand on JKL;
  • Begin typing (pressing the keys one after the other) then always return your fingers back to the home row after striking other keys.
  • Look not at your fingers but instead at the typing material placed on your front left inclined for a better view of it.
  • Try typing as fast as possible to gradually attained the minimum typing speed of 30 words per minute.

Also keyboard keys have been categorised into various groups according the purpose that serve.

For example

  1. Typing keys – used in typing
  2. Alphanumerical –  types letters numbers and symbols
  3. Special purpose keys – used in combination with other keys to issue commands to a computer.
  4. Numerical keypad – types numbers & serves as a navigation keypad to

A point to note is, keyboards are slowly being replaced by touch screens


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