Human beings developed interests in improving on communication devices as technology advanced. 

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A simple understanding of what a network is could be viewed as an interconnection of computers over a specified geographical area allowing sending and reception of information from one computer to the other. 

This post discusses wired networks, can also read on mobile networks here 

Computer networks can either be classified as logical networks or physical networks. 

The general term used in reference to the arrangement of network devices is topology.

To list few of items used to set up network

  1. Hub
  2. Switch
  3. Router
  4. Computer (client)
  5. Network adapter
  6. Netework medium
  7. Network software.

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    The main purpose for computer networks is

    • Easy management of data over a large organisation.
    • Allows quick access to information hence efficiency in communication.
    • Fast data transfer.

    Networks can be build in a room, organisation, a metropolitan or globally. 

    Also names can be given to a network considering both the logical and geographical area it covers.

    The software that enables the well functioning of a network is system software called network 


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