From google search, from friends you got familiarized to the above phrase or probably some where along your studies and computer interaction.
Operating system commonly abbreviated as O.S is a system software that avails computer resources to the user and acts as a communication between application software and the microprocessor.

O.S have drastically improved in the sense of interface as the engineers work tirelessly to make more user friendly operating systems.

Earlier versions of O.S were tedious and cumbersome to work with since commands were executed by typing a string of codes or a line of commands.

One had to remember every element of the codes for a command to be executed perfectly.
Unlike current O.S which utilizes work area, pictorial commands known as icons and execution of the commands is done by a pointing device.

Advancements are still being experienced as physical keying devices and pointing devices are slowly being eliminated by touch screen technology.

Installation of an O.S on a computer depends with the type of microprocessor and the computer’s memory capacity.

Commonly used operating systems today include

  • Windows O.S developed by Microsoft .
  • Mac O.S developed by the Apple company.




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