In regard to computers; these are devices used to convert users' data into information.
They allow a live-ware to execute commands or enter data into the computer by typing, speaking, touching, scanning or pointing and clicking.

This devices can be classified into

  1. Keying devices
  2. Pointing devices
  3. Scanning devices
  4. Audio input
  5. Smart input

Each of the above category serves an input purpose ones connected to a computer system.

To outline example of devices at each category and how it works.

  • A computer keyboard and mobile phone keypad is a keying device which a user strikes its keys to enter data into a computer.
  • Joystick used for gaming, mouse , trackball and stylus are examples of pointing devices used to execute commands
  • A scanner is an electronic device that can capture data or image from source object. They can use optical technology or magnetic technology. Examples include  bar code scanners and magnetic ink recognition scanners
  • Microphones serve the purpose of receiving a spoken speech, converts it to machine readable language then allows the computer to execute it. Today other than serving data entry purpose only,  it’s  also used as a security measure for authenticity.
  • Touch screens and smartboards have both pointing and keying technology integrated on them.
it is through input devices that one can actually interact with a computer.

Day in day out technology advances and some of above devices are getting obsolete such as keyboard.


just like any other peripheral device, input devices are either integrated on the computer hardware or connected wirelessly in a local area network or via phisical cables.

During connections ensure you fit a device cable into its relevant port using less force possible.

A few of these devices will be discussed in later posts.


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