A small computer device that looks like a typical small rodent however it got its tail at its front instead of its back…!!!!
Ok, a computer mouse is an input device used to execute commands by scrolling, pointing and clicking on them. Its plural form is mice.

A typical computer mouse has two buttons located on its either sides with a scroller in between them. 

It is used after connecting it to its relevant interface and then moving it on a fairly smooth surface. 

Few of the operational terms used in using this device include

  1. Clicking – pressing and releasing left mouse button ones
  2. double clicking – pressing and releasing the left mouse button in two quick succesions.
  3. Drag & drop – pointing on an icon, pressing left button and without releasing it drag the mouse gently on its surface to different location then release the button
  4. Right clicking – pressing and releasing the right mouse button ones.

Computer mouse can be connected to a computer via a physical cable or wirelessly.

There are various types of computer mouse i.e

  • Optical
  • Cordless
  • Traditional/ standard 

Today computer mouse have other devices integrated on them such as trackball, touchpad/ keypad and joystick. 

Modification of this devices happens with the relevance to a targetted purpose which it is to serve. 


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