In this context a computer input device used to enter data into a computer in form of numbers,symbols and letters is what is refered to as a key board.
There are various types of computer key boards however the arrangement of keys has remained constant over time.

This enables mastery of key positions on the keyboard while typing.

A standard keyboard has its alphabetical keys arranged beginning with letters QWERTY hence the name qwerty keyboard.

The various categories of this keys include:

  1. Function keys – this keys are located on the top row of the keyboard labeled F1 upto F12. They are used to perform tasks commonly used in a currently running program.
  2. Alphabetical keys – also known as typing keys, they are labelled A-Z however not aligned alphabetically. This keys are used for typing and punctuating a document.
  3. Alpha – numerical keys – a row of keys between between function and alphabetical keys. It contains numbers 0 – 9, logical and arithmatic symbols.
  4. Special purpose keys – the keys with wordings or a diagram on it i.e Ctrl, Alt, Shift, win logo. Located at the bottom right and left of alphabetical keys. They are used in combination with other keys to perform shortcut commands. Shortcut commands varry with the installed operating system.
  5. Numerical keypad – it is always located on the right side of the keyboard numbered with numerals, logical and arithmatical functions. However this keypad works as a navigation keypad unless switched on by pressing the numlock key.
  6. Cursor movement keys – this keys are used as navigation keys through a large document. They are four arrows located at the between alphabetical keys and numerical keypad. Other keys in this category include Home, page down, page up and End keys.
  7. Editing keys – this keys also located between alphabetical and numerical keypad but above the arrow keys. These keys include insert, delete, and back space keys.

    Back space key erases character from right to left from the position of the cursor.

    Space bar – long bar below alhabetical keys used to create space between words.

    Delete key – erases characters from left to right from the position of the cursor.

    Insert key – forces a character between a word. 

    Another layout is Dvorak layout. Was developed to act as an alternative or fully replace the qwerty layout claiming that it’s display allows faster typing and lesser strain to that of qwerty.

    I advice you install a typing tutor  on your hard disk it will help a big deal.


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