In your online job hunt, at some point bloggers have pointed out that one needs basic computer skills. 
Well but what skills could this be? 

Probably if you know to power a computer and probably play some games both offline and online! 

That is not all, sometimes you could be paid playing games however that is more of gambling than working.

Leaving that for another day, I will give you directives on setting up a computer just In case you wish not to incur more cost of letting a technician mount your desktop.

Mounting in this aspect refers to connecting a all peripheral devices present to the system unit and to the main power source to allow of the computer.

Laptops have only a charger to connect which obviously you learn its use and how at stores.

however desktop computers have various devices which must be connected carefully before use.

First things first. Assumingly the computer is new and packed:

  1. Un pack the computer components (basic devices you should have are system unit, monitor, keyboard, mouse, 2 – power cables and a – VGA cable)
  2. Switch off the power sockets
  3. Coñnect all other devices to the back side of the system unit (identify ports that resemble the cable’s header in shape and interface then fix them using zeroe insertion force )
  4. Connect the other end of the VGA to the monitor (ensure the knobs are locked at both ends).
  5. After that connect the power cables one to the monitor and the other to the system unit then plug both of them to the main sockets.
  6. Switch on the sockets, system unit then monitor. A successful display means a successful connection. Watch the set up. Video here
  7. Relax and take a cup of tea !!!!!


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