Just like any other device, computers need to be kept in a certain condition that will aid its long term usage.

There is always the anxiety of getting a personal computer however these prescriptions are never given at the shops.

To attain these ideas you probably got to read wide on computers or may be attend a basics lessons in which you got to part away with some fee.

Here I aligned few of the methods you can use to protect your computer. 

The below ways are accepted globally, not limiting your self to them for they are just a few of the many. 

  1. While using your computer avoid liquids and food stuff around the computer since liquids can pour into keyboard and other uncovered parts causing rust and short circuit. Food particles can clog the computer movable parts.
  2. Connect the computer to a stable power supply; you may use uniteruptable power suply (UPS). This helps avoid crashing of computer programs and inconvenienced data loss.
  3. Avoid BIOS setup unless you are full aware of what you are doing.
  4. Accessing the control panel menu should also be controlled to avoid tampering with system programs.
  5. Regulate high humidity so as the metalic parts of computer do not rust. This can be done by installing a dehumidifire in the room.
  6. The use of alien secondary media, and downloading or sharing software over networks should be avoided for these are the major mediums of virus tranfer.
  7. Burglar proof the room in which the computer is placed to avoid unrestricted access to the computer.
  8. Lastly; use dust covers or fit window curtains to control dust; dust also causes corrosion and friction to movable parts.

    Installing an antivirus could help heal a damage on your computer or warn you of a possible virus installation however your good moral will survive your computer for a good while.

    Consider the above methods and the desktop computer you got will deliver its best to you. 


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