So at some instances confusion creeps in wondering what is the exact thing you needed for use on your device.

I could term these words as synonyms however much they are not synonymous at least they all refer to computers and are all used to aid a user, device or software achieve a stated goal.

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Drives are either external or integrated devices on a computer used to aid in writing or retrieving data from auxilliary storage

Examples include DVD drives, floppy drives, and jazz drives. A hard disk on the other hand, is a storage device that has been intergrated with its drive.

Drivers on the other hand is a software installed on computer hard disk which enable a peripheral device to communicate with the computer.

Examples include the hP printer drives. 

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Lastly plugins are software components which aid the main software to perform a given task for instance, creating a website from scratch on wordpress, you need a WordPress software but to turn your site into an APK automatically then  a plug-in will be required first.


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