Quite intuitive on this; On the first day to actually know of a touchscreen, I saw a rich folk with head bowed, squared ‘board’ in hands and ocasionally did swipe and then begun touching the white illuminated screen using both thumbs.

I was like…. ‘is the person trying to catch up an ant or…!!

Everybody got their word on this; however, this technology that allows execution of  commands by single or multi touch on the screen by use of a finger or stylus can be explained.

Input devices developed with ability to support this technology; have infrared rays criss crossing underneath their screens.

When touched, the rays in the specific area are interupted and the result is displayed on the screen.

the technology seem to be taking the market today among all other input technologies; it also serves as an output media such as on tablets, smartphones, personal computers and game consoles.

To incorporate this technology into a particular use then the type of screen matters.

Touchscreens could be

  •  Capacitive 
  • Resistive 

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