Windows explorer is a location in Windows 7 operating system where the computer user can be able to view the drives available in the computer.

To launch this window

  • From the taskbar click a yellowish icon like a briefcase with a blue handle
  • Alternatively you could double click the computer icon on the desktop. 
  • Also you could follow the below procedure:
  1. Click start button to display start menu.
  2. Click on programs to display a list of all programs.
  3. Click on accessories.
  4. From the sublist click on Windows explorer.

It is usually from this explorer window that you can now begin; creating & viewing your stored files, in a quick and simpler manner.

Probably you had the knowledge on using the mouse to execute the various commands and carry out various tasks within the window however I now bring you an alternative.

Below is a list of shortcut keys you could try out. 

Ctrl+N – Open a new window

Ctrl+W – Close the current window

Ctrl+Shift+N – Create a new folder

End – Display the bottom of the active window

Home – Display the top of the active window

F11 – Maximize or minimize the active window

Ctrl+Period (.) – Rotate a picture clockwise

Ctrl+Comma (,) – Rotate a picture counter-clockwise

Num Lock+Asterisk (*) on numeric keypad – Display all subfolders under the selected folder

Num Lock+Plus Sign (+) on numeric keypad – Display the contents of the selected folder

Num Lock+Minus Sign (-) on numeric keypad – Collapse the selected folder

Left Arrow – Collapse the current selection (if it’s expanded), or select the parent folder

Alt+Enter – Open the Properties dialog box for the selected item

Alt+P – Display the preview pane

Alt+Left Arrow – View the previous folder

Backspace – View the previous folder

Right Arrow – Display the current selection (if it’s collapsed), or select the first subfolder

Alt+Right Arrow – View the next folder

Alt+Up Arrow – View the parent folder

Ctrl+Shift+E – Display all folders above the selected folder

Ctrl+Mouse scroll wheel – Change the size and appearance of file and folder icons

Alt+D – Select the address bar

Ctrl+E – Select the search box

Ctrl+F – Select the search box

This shortcuts are as per tried out in Windows 7 operating system so is also the above procedures.


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