There is this feature in Windows 7 called magnifier. 

This tool is used to preview screen layouts in a close range or in the normal size.

However maybe you feel a pro using the keyboard instead of a mouse and so; I having understood your thirst, this blog brings you a direction to follow in your quest for technological power. 

Follow the below guides: 

Windows logo key + Plus Sign or Minus Sign – Zoom in or out

Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar – Preview the desktop in full-screen mode

Ctrl+Alt+F – Switch to full-screen mode

Ctrl+Alt+L – Switch to lens mode

Ctrl+Alt+D – Switch to docked mode

Ctrl+Alt+arrow keys – Pan in the direction of the arrow keys

Ctrl+Alt+R – Resize the lens

Windows logo key + Esc – Exit Magnifier

Interesting enough, a magnifier managed by use of a keyboard is quicker in handling than using the mouse or a touchpad. 

However it depends with the user preference.


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