Well it has been long since engineers begun working on computers and there peripheral devices.

Each time a device release is made into market you easily comprehend that engineers are working on size, speed, user friendliness, cost and functionality.

From the awkwardly big devicesthat performed less, today we got cubes in the store…

Computer keyboards have also undergone radical changes over time and if you are a lover high-end gadgets then here I got a list for you.

Magic cube laser virtual projection keyboard – is a small cubed device measuring 1.5×0.7×2.7 inches and weighs 2.1 ounces. other than a virtual keyboard it doubles as a multitouch mouse. It uses bluetooth to connect to computers using android, ios4, mac, windows and black berry. On amazon it ranges between $31.88 to $169.00

Topre Realforce 87U 10th special edition

– developed by Leopold it weighs 2.6 pounds and measures 45gms to 55grms. It is an upgrade of tenkeyless keyboard. It costs upto  $680.26 on Amazon.you could get a detarchable wire connection or easily work wirelessly.

Microsoft Arc keyboard J5D-00003 

– this key board could be the most expensive though not guaranteed as the high tech. You got to part away with a sum of $75,630.00 to acquire one however remember you may be needed to have such a high-end mouse and probably a system unit to support it. It is such a sleek portable device you would admire to have.

First you need to understand that the ‘best’ keyboard will depend with the exact purpose the keyboard intends to serve and how.From the above list, this blog gives key boards that project the typing keys inform of laser on a surface as number one. 

You could view these devices from Amazon and other top online stores. Prices given are as per how they were at the time of writing this blog.


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