Computer Hardware.

From the diagram below you can see a typical desktop computer with its basic peripheral devices. Let’s discuss each of them briefly.

The device that houses the brain of a computer and connects peripheral devices to the computer is called system unit. There are two types of system units.

  • A system unit that has a microprocessor mounted on its side is known as tower system unit. Below are the diagrams of this kind of system unit.

  • A system unit having the microprocessor mounted on its base is referred to as desktop system unit. Below is a diagram of this kind of system unit.


Peripheral device that allow the user to enter data and instructions in a computer is a keyboard.

Pointing device that enables the user to execute commands is mouse. There are many types of mouse (discussed later) however below is a standard mouse

A television like device used for displaying information, allowing the user to monitor what is going on in the computer system is monitor or screen or visual display unit. Monitors vary in sense of size and technology used to develop them. 



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