Well, after you have known the basic parts of a typical desktop computer; it is now a high time you could be able to group computers into various classifications in accordance to functionality, physical size and purpose.

This post shall discuss computers in view of the data they are capable of processing. (Functionality).

This is in reference to the type of data the computers process. There are three types of computers in this grouping. 

1. Analog computers– this refers to computers that process continuous data/ analog data. It is usually represented using a continuous wave form as shown below.  Application areas of these computers include; weather stations to record and process physical quantities such as wind, cloud speed and temperature.

2. Digital computers–these are computers that process discrete data/ digital data. Most modern appliances such as televisions and radios process this kind of data. This data can be represented in a two-state square waveform as shown below.

3. Hybrid computers –they are designed to process both analog and digital data. Commonly used in instances where both kinds of data need to be processed for instance a petrol pump ought to measure the quantities of fuel then convert the same into equivalent cost.


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