From the earlier posts on this blog, we learned that in our day-to-day activities, we always have bumped into a computer or computer information system however, again here comes the question, do you know the exact purpose of that computer in the place it is? 
Also read: computer networks and input devices 

If you missed that, do not worry I got you covered here since I will list a few places where computers are used and how they are used. 


since computers have been integrated with communication facilities, message transmission and reception has become very fast and efficient. This has led to the world being considered a global village.


what would a computer be doing in a class room? Well, it could be used for learning (computer aided learning-CAD) and also it could be used for teaching (computer aided instructions – CAI).

Students can use preprogrammed tutorials on a computer to understand a given concept, carrying out assignment and project research.

In the other hand tutors could use computers as a tool to reach a large audience. 


Auto-teller machines (ATM) help automate cash deposits and withdrawal services. Efficiency has been increased due to better record keeping.


computers help in the management of daily activities like stock control.

Law enforcement agencies 

information stored in computers such as fingerprints, images and other identification details help law enforcers carry out criminal investigations.

Other areas (but not limited to only these ones) include:

  • Transport
  • home
  • library
  • hospitals
  • industries
  • army
  • hotel
  • airport 

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