Computers can also be classified according to the tasks they perform.

Below is a discose on the classifications of computers as in in this post and blog:

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General purpose computers

These are computers designed to perform a variety of tasks when installed with appropriate programs. For instance a desktop computer may be used in document processing, accounting e.t.c, a smart phone can be used in surfing, play games, communicate e.t.c

Special purpose computers

are computers developed in a way that allows them perform a specific task. NB: these computers cannot perform any other task except the one they were meant to do. Examples of these computers include;

  • Robots- used in manufacturing industry and war.
  • Remote – control a specified electronic device’ functionality.
  • Mobile phones- used in communication only.
  • Calculators- carry out calculations only.
  • Microwave ovens e.t.c

#advantage of using special purpose computers is that, they are very efficient and very fast.

Dedicated computers

these are mainly General purpose computers that have been dedicated to perform a particular task. E.g. a desktop computer dedicated to document processing or accounting.

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