Computer software can be classified according to purpose, user licence, and acquisition.

Previously; we have discussed software classification according to purpose and so in this post we venture into knowing about the other two classification as elucidated below.

End – User – licence 

This refers to mode by which a user can acces the software licence.

They can further be sub grouped into 

open source – which are also called non proprietary, this refers to software whose source code is freely made available to users, and they can modify and distribute the modified product under General public licence (GPL) such as UNIX and LINUX. 

Proprietary software on the other hand is that software whose source code is hidden from users, usually licensed to the user at a fee. 

Free ware are proprietary software but usually are freely made available to the user such as antivirus. 

Be aware of freeware because some are malicious programs. 


The mode by which you acquire your software also determine the branding of a software. For instance,

 you could decide to make an order to a programmer so as s/he develops a software to meet your specified needs (this becomes an in-house developed software/ bespoke) or 

you could easily walk to a computer accessories shop and purchase a packaged software (and this becomes a vendor of the shelf software/ standard software). 

Standard software come bundled up with other application packages to form a suite. 

standard software can easily be installed, cheaper to purchase, readily available for use, easily modified to meet user needs and contain no or minor errors since they are thoroughly tested by engineers 

However, they may require the user to change processes and hardware for compatibility which may in turn be expensive, they may lack some features required by the user and also they may have some features not needed by the user which may take extra storage. This is completely the opposite with bespoke software.



  1. I think computer software play an important role in this technology life. Sometimes We need computer software to help us in many complicated jobs that human can’t do that alone. However, many people nowadays like using freeware than software that require you to pay. It’s good and bad news. Moreover, they also like using software cracked than paid version. It’s wrong, but it’s a habit, too.


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