previously I outlined computer components and promised to discus each of the hardware components on independent posts. 

This post gives an elaborate discos on output devices as a hardware subunit among the computer components. Previously we viewed input devices.

Output devices

 are devices a computer uses to give out information after processing. They can be classified into softcopy output and hardcopy output devices. 

  • Softcopy output devices

refers to devices used to produce intangible output that can be seen or heard e.g. monitor, speakers, data projectors,& light emitting diodes (LED).

  • Hardcopy output devices 

these are devices that can give out both seen and tangible computer output. Examples include printers, facsimile & plotters. 

Printers can be classified into: 

  1. impact printer – use striking mechanism on paper to make an imprint, 
  2. non impact –use thermal, ink or laser mechanism to make an imprint on a paper. 

Plotters are used for printing large architectural printouts like banners and billboards.

Before purchasing a printer, consider some general factors such as: 

  1. print quality; non impact printers produce good quality print though impact are good for bulk tasks. 
  2. Initial & running cost 
  3. speed and colour of print out. 
  4. Printing speed; usually measured in number of papers per minute. 

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