Hard disks can either be internal or external storage media. If external it is connected to the computer via a high speed USB cable and port but if it is an internal hdd then it is mounted on the mother board using connectors known as controllers
The three types of controller are:

  1. Serial Advanced Technology Attatchment (SATA)
  2. Enhanced Intergrated Drive Electronics (EIDE)
  3. Small Computer System interface (SCSI)

EIDE & SATA are commonly used on PCs while SCSI are used on servers. SATA is an improvement on previous developments which now allows hot swapping (ability for a drive to be removed while the computer is still on). 

Each EIDE controller supports up to two drives on a single ribbon cable. This type of setup is known as master and slave configuration.

To mount an EIDE hdd then:

  • determine which drive will be the master and use the drive label information to determine which jumper settings to use for a master or slave.
  • Check for an available free drive bay then slide the disk ito the bay then screw it into place.
  • Connect the free power connector; notice that it is designed to fit in socket in only one direction.
  • Identify pin-1 as labelled on the drives socket and match it with the red continuous line of the ribbon cable. Most cables will only fit in one direction.
  • Connect the interface cable to the drive then into the controller sltot on the notes board. 
  • If the installation is complete replace the casing.

    Structure of the harddisk 


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