The explorer window is a basic window in which one can create, save, retrieve & manipulate contents from easily and fast. 

This window can be displayed by using the computer icon on the desktop or windows explorer icon on the task bar.

Windows explorer is actually used to display drives, folders, and files in a hierarchy form. It divides the window into two panes; the left pane contains storage locations (drives) while the right displays a list of files and subfolders contained in the selected location. 

To display this window:

  • Click on start button.
  • Point/ click on programs to display all programs list.
  • Click on accessories then on the sub menu click on Windows explorer. 

If you observe keenly you will notice that some items have a small triangle on their left, it shows that that particular drive/ folder contains other lower level items. Alternatively you could also click on Windows explorer icon from the task bar.

Computer icon like explorer window also displays storage locations and there content. To open it; you can either double click on computer icon from the desktop or click the computer option from start menu

  • Double click on computer icon
  • Double click on drive/ folder to display contents
  • Start manipulating the contacts 

Creating a new folder.

  1. Using computer icon, display the explorer window.
  2. On the left pane select (click on location) the location in which you want to create a new folder.
  3. On the file menu point to new, move mouse pointer horizontally straight then click on folder.  A folder with a temporal name New folder appears.
  4. Type a new name for the folder then enter key from the keyboard or click the icon or in ‘space’.
  5. To create a subfolder, follow above procedures but select a folder as location. Watch video here 

To open a folder.

  1. Display explorer window.
  2. From location pane, click the triangle beside a drive/folder in which the folder you want to open is in.
  3. Select the folder (click on it) and its contents will be displayed in the right pane. 

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    Creating a new file

    You could create different types of files depending on programs you have installed/ copied on your hard disk. To create a new word document proceed as follows: 

    1. Display explorer window
    2. Select location in which you want to create a new file.
    3. Click on file menu then point on new.
    4. Select Microsoft word document from the sidekick menu.
    5. Type a new name to replace the temporal one then press enter key. Watch video

    In Windows file names can contain up to255 character including spaces except symbols e.g. * ÷;: /,.


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