Click on the date displayed on the right side of the task bar

In the pop up window click on the blue phrase at the bottom of the window reading: ‘change date and time settings…’ 

 A new window is displayed with 3 tabs which include: 

  • Date and time
  • Additional clocks
  • Internet time

Click on the date and time tab and you will notice a clock face and command buttons on the window.

The command buttons include:

  • Change date and time
  • Change time zone
  • Ok
  • Cancel
  • Apply.

click the change date and time command to display a date and time setting dialogue box.

Under date, click the scroll buttons to move to a current month: to set year click on the month to zoom in years, select current year then zoom out again, select month then simply click on today’s date (note the number is highlighted) 

Right below the clock face there is time shown in digits in the order or hour:minute:second AM/PM. 

Click on the right side of hour digits, press backspace key on the keyboard to erase them then type a digit for the current hour. 

Do the same for the minute & second numbers then click on AM/PM to select it then click the arrow pointing upwards beside it to alternate the two.

You could also click on change calender settings for an advance date format. Click ok to save changes. Also click ok on the date and time window to close it.


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