Formatting is a process of preparing a new disk for use by imprinting empty sectors and tracks on its surface for the operating systemto access it. 
This process is easily carried out on other storage devices but when it comes to the disk partition on which the operating system is installed then the procedure changes. 

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As earlier written, formatting is used to make a disk accessible by the operating system but what if you want to formatt the disk on which the OS is installed on? 

It is the OS that makes it possible for a user to format other drives just like you could easily carry a chair you are not sitting on than carrying that which you are seatted on so is the same when you try to format the partition. 

Commonly the OS is installed on drive C and so to formatt this drive you actually need to reinstall an operating system. You could upgrade to a newer version or still retain the current version.

I shall take you through a guide to install Windows 7 on a drive C that contains another operating system.

  NB: before installing any operating system read the user manual to know of basic hardware requirements first.

Also ensure that the disk partition on which you waant to install the OS has enough memory to host both operating systems before deleting the Windows.old.

To install Windows 7:

  • Switch on your computer then insert a CD/ DVD on which the operating system is written.
  • Restart your computer and during the boot up, press any key on the keyboard when a message reading “press any key to boot from CD or DVD” appears. If you delayed and the step was by past wait till the computer boots up then restart it again! 
  • A Windows boot manager will appear for you to choose from whether setup mode or recovery mode;  

  • An interactive strip will appear with a message that  reads “Windows is loading files…” Wait for a while as white colour fills the strip then a Windows 7 install window shall appear as shown below. Select a preferred language then click next.

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  • on the next window of this installation window, you will click on the arrow beside “install now” command as in the diagram below. 

  • A different window shall appear with a line of text reading “setup is starting…” sit and wait for a while as the next window shall be launched automatically.  Select (click on it) the operating system you want to install (Preferably ultimate, professional or enterprise) then click next.

  • Read the agreement then click on the check box beside the “I agree the licence terms” phrase then click next. 

  • In the type of installation window that appears next click on “custom (advanced) option. 

  • In the new window that shall appear specify the location you want to install Windows; for this case is drive C which is partion 1 then click next.

  • A warning notification window will appear as shown below. Read through it then click ok to confirm action 

  • Now a guided window shall be displayed showing covered steps from step 1 and displaying a small green mark beside a completed item on the list.

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This takes a while though the process is automated.

  • when the window marks installing features and begins working on installing updates, the monitor will flicker and display a different window as shown below, 

  • You can eject the disk here or still let it be however when prompted to press a key to boot from a CD or DVD do not!!! Let it boot from the hard disk. 
  • A blue window with a phrase reading “setup is starting services…” will be displayed after which it will take you back to the previous window to deal with the last item (completing set up) as shown below 

  • Still in wait and may be as you read other articles on this blog, another blue display shall appear with a single phrase reading “set up will appear after restarting your computer” .
  • Let your patience not die off for you are almost done, another dark display shall appear with a single phrase and a dazzilling line underlining the phrase that reads “set up is preparing your computer for first use”  wait for a while for yet another window shall appear.
  • A set up window appears where you will type a user name then  click next. (A user name could be your name or that of an organisation) or you skip the step by clicking next with blank fields then the OS will create a default user name for you. 

  • In the next window type a password in both fields or still omit the stage by clicking next 
  • Then select the recommended settings from the window that follows.

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  • Next set date and time then click next. The computer will take a while as it configures the set up to prepare your desktop. When the desktop appears lastly: 

  1. launch the explorer window
  2. Open local disk C
  3. Locate a folder named Windows.old and delete it. This is to free up disk space. Now you can use your computer however just in case of trouble launch our contact page and consult.

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