A user account on a computer is a log in interface that allows the user to access specified files. You can create more than one active user accounts!

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During the installation of the OS, one creates an account and assigns it at a password. If the two stages are skipped during installation process then the OS automatically creates an account which when clicked during log in the desktop is launched without much authentification. The account is made the administrator account by default.

This user accounts appear as shown below.

Administrator account gives the user permissions to perform setting and install programs onto the harddisk

Any of the user accounts created can be editted even default accounts inclusive. 

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To create a new user account:

  1. display the start menu then click on control  panel from the options on the left black menu. 
  2. Control panel items shall be displayed from which you will click on add or remove user account option located below user accounts and family safety 
  3. A new will appear asking you to choose the account you want to change; move your mouse pointer on the bottom left of the and click on a phrase that reads create a new account 
  4. Name the account and choose the account type window appears, type a new name in the text box that is given then select the account type as standard user then click on create 
  5. Set passwords if need be then confirm the account creation. 
  6. To manipulate any of the accounts, go back and select the account you want to make changes on then from the displayed window click on the nessary option. 

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