It could so happen that you wish to eradict some contents related to a particular account or simply you want to reduce the number of user accounts from your computer.

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To delete a user account you will simply follow the steps below. 

  1. Display the control panel from start menu. 
  2. Under user accounts and family safety select add or remove user accounts. 
  3. A display showing all available accounts will appear. Select that which you want to delete 
  4. Another window will appear having the selected account icon on the right and its manipulating options listed on the left 
  5. From the list click (select)  on delete the account. When prompted to delete the account click on delete account command button. 
  6. Another interface shall appear on which you will either click on delete files or keep files  
  7. Confirm the deletion by clicking the ok button from the pop out prompt. 

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