Scanning helps clean an infected storage media off viruses. A virus is a malware program that attatches itself on media and causes malfuntioning of the computer. There are various programs that could be used in scanning your computer as listed here. 

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You need to install the latest & up-to-date antivirus program first before trying to scan a device. Most of these programs are free ware however you would get a pro version of the very programs at a given fee.

The pro/ commercial program is always bundled up with more features than the free option however you simply don’t rule out the free wares which serves a great deal unless you are out to protect a business site. 

To scan a disk: 

  • Connect your flash disk or memory card onto the system unit.
  • Launch Windows explorer using my computer icon.
  • Right click on the specified disk then from the context menu click on scan with <name of antivirus>
  • After a succesful scan follow the directions of the particular antivirus interface to perform particular actions then eventually close the window.

If you were to scan your computer; right click on drive c then scan. System scan takes a little longer than scanning a low memory media.

how to control viruses 

Avoid foreign secondary storage media since they are common carriers. Ensure you scan them before use.

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Be careful while surfing internent and downloading freeware programs such as games and antiviruses for some this programs masquerade as genuine though they are malwares.


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