Piracy is the act of making copies and distributing of a product without legal concent of the original producer. Think of a software you bought to use then think of a person using the copy of the same software but freely acquired it.

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Pirated softwares tend to cost cheaper and readily available to the market than the original ones however venturing into such cartels one will be infringing on the copyright law.

Commonly pirated categories of softwares include: 

  1. Games such as racing & combat games.
  2. Ms Office suites such as Ms office word.
  3. Art programs such as autocad 
  4. Music programs such as AVC
  5. Antivirus programs such as avast
  6. operating systems such as Windows and ubuntu
  7. Photo programs
  8. Simulators e.t.c

There could be no exact listing of  pirated softwares however citing example scenarios where piracy could occur then that could help elucidate a broader understanding on what piracy is.

  • End user piracy

This is the most pervasive form of piracy encountered in both organisations and homes. People go by the claim that since they bought the software so they could do anything with it so they end up making copies for resale or use at home, organisations or gift to a friend. This is a breach of the copyright law.

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  • Web pirating

Online business is a one good paying job where site owners can make $$$ $$$ of cash every month just by selling products. However it is good to have it all genuine instead of usin unscrupulous means like for instance  websites such as http://www.BUYSUSA.com sold pirated softwares online at a price less than it’s suggested cost on retail. The illegal sales saw a greate loss to the affected producers before being noticed.

  • Counterfeiting 

Counterfeited softwares have always had a close similarity with the original one even its disc branding however minor errors and low cost is an obvious characteristic.

Before purchase try to have a close check on logos,typography and documentation; however much they look legitimate be careful not to regreat your cash.

  • Piracy for fun

Sometimes one may not be interested in profit making deals however the just simple infringement of the software’s copyright; that counts a breach of law and makes one a candidate for court judgement. 

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To remedie piracy 

Producers should make programs readily available to the users and should make averagingly priced programs. copyrighting and including licencing keys shall also help more.


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