Data loss could be due to malicious reasons, for fun, corrupt storage or sometimes in your use of computer it so happens that accidentally files or folders get deleted from the hard disk or external storage media.

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Data deleted from the hard disk is temporarily held in the recycle bin which can easily be restored however that deleted from auxilliary storage is lost ‘permanently’
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Data from the hard disk that is temporarily held in the recycle bin after deletion could still be lost ‘permanently’ through emptying the recycle bin.

Engineers have with time come up with programs that can reorganize the disorganised dipoles that loose order on the storage media when an item is deleted.

We list a few of the top rating softwares that could help you restore that valuable lost information even after you format a disk. All you would do is download and install the software on your Pc then run it. Not all are freewares; some will require upgrading to commercial (pro) versions.

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The compiled programs include:

  1. Recuva
  2. Undelete 360
  3. Test disk
  4. PhotoRec
  5. Pandora Recovery
  6. Wise data recovery
  7. DMDE
  8. Restoration
  9. Disk Drill
  10. Pc inspector file recovery


This program is the best we could advice our readers to first try before any other incase one wishes to recover lost data.

It does what its name spells and at a very impressive speed despite it being a freeware.

It can restore data on any storage media with IPods inclusive.

It does support Windows Xp and later versions of Windows. Get Recuva setup from piriform here>>>>

Undelete 360

An all round program that will browse, search and recover files from a variety of storage media with smartphones also inclusive.

It does serve in a case of accidents, virus, hardware & software failures.

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It is built on an efficient and fast algorithm that fastens its performance.

It supports both file and folder recovery on affected media. Get its download setup from here>>>>

Test disk

It is a command-line program which with such interface it may kick out some users however test disk comes packaged with great features.

Other than recovering data on auxilliary media, it also has the ability to rebuild corrupt boot up sector.

Get test disk set up from here >>>>. Ensure you select the correct operating system mirror to download

Photo Rec

Working hand in hand with test disk, photorec does ignore file systems and goes for the needed data.

Its major objective being recovery of both mortion and still images. After you accidentally delete an image on a disk, do not save anymore files on the very disk for better result.

Click here>>>> to download Photo rec installer.

Pandora Recovery

Another excellently developed recovery software with a user friendly interface such as performing a ‘surface scan’ just in a click.

Pandora will restore data from any storage device as long as it can be connected and read by the computer drives.

To install this program that is compatible with windows Vista and later versions of Windows, download a suitable installer from here>>>>.

Data recovery softwares are a great number which we may not exhaust however of the above we would advice our readers for they offer satiable results.

Follow the links, read the guides and after a successful install you won’t regrate your time on our blog. share your experience on our coment box!


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