Memory capacity is with time becomming an inadequate commodity as people daily get something new to add in store on there memory devices.

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Despite the rapid growth in technological development, still some of these devices tend to be expensive and so purchasing a large capacity memory becomes costly.

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One tends to sacrifice lossing some information just because they lack the capacity to hold both old and new data like for instance programs, music, pictures e.t.c

If you had a 1Gb memory card it would definately not serve you well as that of 8Gb and so we bring you a trick. Not just a trick but a reality.

An idea if only implemented then you would save a little dollars and some important data you would have lost just to pave way for new information to be recorded on the loaded disk.

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Instead of suffering due to deficit of memory then try this free programs:

  1. SDATA Tool
  2. Drive memory increaser.
  3. Skymedi

The above named programs are used to double the size of a memory card and flash disk; say from 1Gb-2Gb, 2Gb-4Gb, 4Gb-8Gb up to a maximum of 32Gb.

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We listed them in the above order regarding the measure on their perfomance, service delivery to users and user interface.

There are several other programs developed for the same purpose however so far we have tested and found the above three to be legitmate.

All you got to do is download their respective setups from the links below, install them on your computer, connect a pendrive then launch the program.

Their interfaces shall guide you through however a point to note;

  • Not all memory cards and disks are supported!!!
  • Do not interupt the process before the increament is done.
  • Don’t try to increase your phone’s internal memory for the trick could work then later the phone collapses.

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To download these programs follow the links below:

Download SDATA Tool

Download Drive memory increaser

Download Skymedi

Success in your experience


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