Speed and convenience are aspects that are most expected when executing tasks on a computer. 

Alternating between input devices i.e keboard and mouse, becomes cumbersome and so one needs to familiarise with their operational capacities so as to easily issue commands. 

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Keyboard shortcuts could serve a good purpose however it does require mastery of a long combination list of keys. 

Some keyboards come with an intergrated pointed device however if you are using a traditional mouse or a touchpad with the right and left buttons then this post is yours.

Context menu

Easily hover the pointer on the screen and after you have pointed on an appropriate icon then press the left mouse button. 

There after still pointing on the very icon or storage location, press the right mouse key. This shall display a menu refered to as shortcut menu or context menu. 

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At any time you click on any of the options that appears on the context menu then a particular command shall be executed. 

N.B: the options on the context menu appear depending on where and what you pointed on before right clicking hence the phrase context menu


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