Highlighting or selecting text allows a user to manipulate the selected text, as in edit or format.

Selection can also be done on files, folders, or any other item that could be manipulated on a computer. 

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You could use a pointing device, mouse, touchpad, touch screen or a keying device: Keyboard, keypad, touchscreen or  a combination of both keying devices and pointing device. 

The default color for selecting text in microsoft word 2007 is blue. 

Below are peocedures you could follow to highlight text using a mouse.

  • Select one word in a document by placing the i-beam on the word to be selected then double click. Notice that the word will be highlighted. Below is an i-beam as it appears in microsoft office word.
    • Select an entire line by positioning the mouse pointer on the left margin of the line , notice the i-beam changes to an arrow pointer as shown below then click.

    • Select a paragraph by positioning the I-beam at the start of a paragraph then press and hold the left mouse button, drag the pointer diagonally across the text to be selected then release the button when at the end of the paragraph. 

        You could drag the i-beam diagonally from the start of the paragraph at the top left of the document to the end of the paragraph or the vice versa then release the mouse button when the required text has been highlighted.

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         Highlighted text appears as shown below.

        To un-highlight text simply click anywhere within the work area. 


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