Highlighting text is the act of selecting all text or a particular segment of the text in a document before editting or formatting it. 

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This could be achieved through a number of methods and devices. Keying devices like, keyboardtouchscreen and pointing devices can be used however, in this post we venture on the use of a keyboard. 

A keyboard and a mouse can also be used in combination to select text however that is a different post. 

To use a keyboard to select text, follow the various steps outlined below: 

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Nb: press the first key in the combination below, hold it still pressed then press the next one and hold it then the next till you notice an action on the screen. 

When a message appears asking you to turn on sticky keys, close it and repeat the combination. 

  • Use arrow keys to move the insertion pointer to the beginning / end of a word then press Shift+Ctrl+left to select the word on the left side of the insertion pointer or press Shift+Ctrl+right arrow key to select the word on the right handside of the insertion pointer.
  • To select a line press Shift+Up arrow key to select the line above the one on which the insertion pointer is. Or press Shift+ Down arrow key.
  • To select a single page press Shift+Ctrl+PageUp or Shift+Ctrl+Pagedown. (This only makes the page active/current) Notice that text is not selected but the insertion pointer moves to down or up page depending with the button pressed.
  • To select the entire document press Ctrl+A 

      Arrow pointers.

      Shift and Crtl keys

      Page up and page down keys

      Insertion pointer and I-beam


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