RAM is an acronym of Random Access Memory, this is a type of computer memory is continually read, written, changed and even removed.
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It is therefore a good thing to always ensure that you save your work before shutting down your computer or even just a while after you begin working onto a media providing a permanent storage since RAM is a temporal storage memory.

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The word random is used in reference to RAM because its contents can be accesed regardless of the sequence that was used in recording data on it.

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  • It allows writing, retrieving, erasing and writing again of data on it as much as it still can be accessed by user.
  • It is the user that dictates what is to be held on it and for how long. (User defined)
  • It is a volatile memory, it looses its contents ones the computer is shut down or goes off due to power problems. i.e work as you save your work.


  1. Information stored on is recovered regardless of the sequence used to store it.
  2. It is the fastest type of memory in a computer.
  3. It consumes less power compared to disk drives hence increasing battry life.
  4. It is a silent memory since there are no moving parts on it.


  • It is not cost friendly since its pricing per bit is high.
  • Space limited since computer manufacturers don’t include it in high capacities.
  • It is volatile.

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