A computer do have memories that are either mounted inside the system unit or outside the system unit, these are accessed by the computer through special devices called drives.
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Computer memories could also be accessed directly by the processor (primary memories) or not, (secondary storage). However of these subdivisions, there are two distinct divisions of these memories that one needs to get a clear difference of. That is ROM and RAM memories.

These two memories umbrellas’all other categories in the sence that a computer memory must either store permanent instructions (ROM) or temporal instructions (RAM) except for the special types.


To differentiate of these two memories then get through the below outlines.

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  • ROM allows reading of data on it only where as the contents of RAM are user defined.
  • The contents of RAM are usually lost once the computer is switched of (volatile) while ROM has its contents stored permanently (non-volatile)
  • RAM is expensive unlike ROM that is relatively cheap.
    • Manufacturers provide less capacities of RAM on computers unlike ROM which is given in large capacities.

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