These are any physical devices that can provide either long term or short term storage of information.
This is to mean that computer memories can be: volatile or non volatile, secondary or primary.

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In computing the term memory, refers to the random access memory (RAM) that usually has a capacity of less than 1Gb up to 16 Gbs.

On the other hand the storage capacity of a computer which is the hard disk, ranges between hundreds of Gigabytes upto terabytes.

You notice that computer storage has higher capacity than memory.

The difference between Memory and storage

Memory and storage media in the computer have these unsimilarities. The hard disk is a media which provides a large storage capacity for programs and yet it is not accessed directly by the processor.

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When you launch a program stored in the harddisk, it is relocated to the memory so as the microprocessor can easily and quickly access it.


Availability of memory and storage on a computer increases speed and efficiency in performance of the device for instance;

When you open a Word processing program, it will be relocated to RAM for high speed response to your commands since it is accessed directly by the processor from the memory however, when you save your document the file is stored in the computer storage which we said is the hard disk.
If you close the program therefore before saving the file then the data/ information will be lost since RAM is a temporal storage.

Low memory and storage capacities leads to slow processing and laggard programs. If you have to go for low storage capacity machines then consider erasing unused files regularly or expanding it.

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