HMD-Global a company that has market rights over the name Nokia has eventually announced the reincarnation of the old idolised, echt mobile phone that preexisted the erra of mobile apps.

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Known for long charge storage, its legendary snake Xenzia and bantumi games. This time round the by then ‘unpolished’ gadget now boasts a sleek cover that comes in a variety of colours, a broader screen, a camera and as you can see below it also features a colour screen. A battery that can do a talktime of upto 22hours, this approximates to charging the device only once every month.

According to HMD-Global, Nokia 3310 will cost $53 when released to local business shelves. This isn’t a much amount especially for a device that can store charge for such long and still allow you other recreations like using opera in this erra of smart phones which struggle to discharge immediately you just charged them even without necessarilly using them. 

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It contains the snake however the old version of the snake is better. 

New Nokia 3310 specs

2.4 inch screen

2 megapixel camera

22 hours talktime

2.5 G network


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