Nearly two decades now since the launch of the iconic mobile phone in september 2000, it disappeared from the market as her developer slowly suffered economic hitch.

In 2004 nokia company was sold to Microsoft, her employees had to change course however, few of Nokia’s employees who had passion for the brand name and performance united and started a company which now owns the rights over the name Nokia.

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This year; March 2017,  they have brought back the iconised nokia 3310 with new specs which “surpasses” those of your high end smart phone and its predecessor together. We mention a few of them below: 

1. The legendary snake

Android and iTune have both provided millions of game apps from which you can download and play on your smart device including snake games. However with much obviousness there is great difference and feel when using keys to control the snake and using the tilting and commands on a screen. 

You will again enjoy feeling the strength of pressing a key to guide an idolized snake than the touching, a throw back experience you won’t mind its memories!

2. Sleek colorful covers

A strong message sent to the smart phone developers saying that long are gone, the days when phones would only be covered  in a sleek black, white or golden cover. 

The new nokia provides a variety of cover colours from which users can make a choice from. As you can see below, cool colours like yellow will do a good display both on shelves and in parties; it gives the confidence to pull it out in a crowd and use it unlike its predecessor.

The new nokia 3310 and its predecessor at the middle 

3. One month long battery

Not on any smartphone unless with a power bank and of course which won’t do you good as much as the new nokia 3310 battery. 

The phone despite surpporting internet, social media platforms and a nice gaming ado. It still can retain charge for upto four weeks. You could use this phone on regular calls as you have your smart phone rest in pocket since it does support upto 22 hours of talking time.

4. Pocket size phone

If you were to compare the new 3310 and the old, the later is half the width of its predecessor though with a broader screen. Average weight and size that you won’t mind having it carried in your jeans pockets.

5. Cost friendly gadget

HMD announced on the release of Nokia 3310 that it would cost $52 when into the market, inline with its envied specs unlike smart phones that would go at a more higher cost. 


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