Naturally in the ecosystem animals and plants interdepend on each other for a reason or two. Flowering plants depend on bees and other insects for cross pollination except a few like fern and mosses which reproduce through spores and others that also depend on other pollinating agents like wind and animals.

Anna Haldewang, an industrial design student in Georgia’s Savannah college of arts and design has created a “plan bee” drone to aid the bumble-bee which is an endangered species to pollinate flowers in the US. “Its time for human to help restore the bee population and get plants still pollinated.” Anna told the CNN.

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The drone is divided into six parts with tiny holes underneath it which sucks pollen flying from one flower then sprays them on to another as the device hovers over the plantantion.

How Plan bee drone works

Since it is larger than a bee, “plan bee” could also double its chores into an educational tool by practically demonstrating how bees pollinate flowers. 

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Anna has already filed a patent for this tech device hoping to develop it as a more viable device. 

The fist size drone currently is made of foam inside, plastic cover colored like a bumble-bee in black and yellow with propellers as shown below. 


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