If you at a while suffered frosty bed foot, soundy snoaring, or strains in bed then sleep number has got you covered in its new smart bed. 

The 360 smart bed has a built in technology that warms your feet just as you start falling asleep, other than this spec sleep number has its smart bed boast of a few more features.

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It comes with a sleepIQ software that allow adjusting of mattress automatically, the mattress settings changes according to your sleeping position. According to CNET, if you happen to sleep on your back then in the mid of sleep you do change to your side the sleep IQ is supposed to notice the change then slightly deflate the mattress to ensure your comfort. 

No more snoaring: according to sleep number, 360 smart bed reads out biometric cues to find out if some one is snoring, if they are then the self adjustable bed will raise the head of the snoarer slightly to ensure comfort and reduce sound of the snoarer.

This IT bed has almost every sleeping discomfort aspect covered. It reads your usual bed habits and automatically adjusts to your schedule for instance, you at a particular time do your reading in bed so the smart bed automatically adjust to your reading position when that hour comes. 

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If you happen to leave the bed to check on your kids or use the lavatory, it will automatically light up its base lighting system illuminating your way in the dark and will go off at your return!

The bed comes with an app for android or iPhone which will allow you to customise the bed settings on your phone. 

This year sleep number is expecting to bring more of its home smart devices on stage however the team has not yet spoken on the pricing of this particular product. It is anticipated to cost at a closer figure to that of her sister already in the market.


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