You just got much time for your job but less time to edit and format your word files? You just got covered by templates. Simply open one that is suitable to your need and replace its contents with your own.

What is a template?

A preformatted document that allow a new user to develop a standardised document with ease.

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Professional word templates include fax, letters, memos & reports. To display a template window:

  1. Click on office button (round colored ball found on top left corner of the window) then select new from the drop downlist of options. A dialogue box appears.
  2. In the templates pane, select installed templates option.
  3. Select the template you wish to use from the installed templates pane. 
  4. A preview of the selected template is given on the right handside of the window, below it, select template then click on create button.
  5. Replace the general content with your own

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Office button ==>>installed templates==>> templates ==>>create.


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