Saving your work is important even before you finish so as you could retain substantial amount of work incase power is lost. When a program is launched and accessed by the user, it is temporarily relocated to RAM for quick access by  the processor. To avoid losing your data consider saving it. 

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To save a new document: 

  1. Click the office button to display the office menu. From the drop down list, click on save to display a save dialogue box.
  2. In the file name box type a unique name for the document.
  3. Select a location of storage from the left pane. 
  4. To save the file with a different format, click the down arrow on the right of  save as type list box and choose a file type. 
  5. Click the save button. The file will automatically be saved as a Microsoft word document.

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      Office button ==>>save==>> file name==>> location==>> save button.

      After following the above guide on saving, simply click on the save icon as you continually work on your document. 

      To change the storage location of an existing document, open the document then follow the above steps but select save as instead of save option from the office menu. 


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