Though considered a drone “autosub” with a “silly” name, Boaty McBoatface (its ship named after sir David Attenborough – Royal Research Ship sir David Attenborough) is what the online polls gave NERC when the Uk based research body asked the online community to name its autosub. NERC received many names including inhospitable iceship, bewildering rainforest and the sofa but settled on Boaty.

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The unmanned drone weighing about 700kgs boasts the ability to submerge 6 000 meters, 60 days before surfacing, it then will then send back to the scientist recorded data via a radio link when she periodically resurfaces.

Boaty has costed NERC’s team a hefty $248 million though still under construction, it is expected to be complete come 2019 as given in a statement given by the Uk rearch body.

The little Boaty is expected to embark on its first mission this March 2017. This drone and other autonomous vehicles will help boost oceangraphers’ research in the polar region. This includes the “the extent of the ice melt, conducting a range of research on the Arctic and Antarctic oceans without the need for constantant prensence of a research ship” as NERC spells out on their website.

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At its complete construction, Boaty is expected to cross the arctic ocean under ice; the first ever mission that “has a potential to deliver a step-change in the scientist ability to observe changes in this vital region” NERC explains.

“Work continues on dry land for now, but she’ll be ready to ‘splashdown’ off the yard and into the blue early next year, whilst works will continue inside,” NERC said. “Then she’ll be taken for trials to make sure she’s seaworthy and her scientific equipment is working to perfection before she sets off for her first mission in 2019.”

Other than aiding oceangraphers in their deep ocean polar research, just like the scientist whom Boaty’s ship has been named after – sir David Attenborough who inspired many in the natural world. NERC also stated that “the ship will add to this amazing legacy by helping to boost achievement and literacy in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) for schoolchildren.”

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The team has also gone a mile by developing a cartoon version of Boaty Mcboatface and also a large inflatable just to get kids interested in marine.


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