This is a text editing attribute that a user can apply to text so as to create contrast within the text.

Below are a number of cases that can be applied to text and how they appear in a microsoft office word document:

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    • Sentence case – it makes all first characters in a sentence to be capitalised.
    • Title case – it makes all the first characters of each word in a sentence to be capitalised. 
    • Toggle case – this changes Uppercase to lowercase and vice-versa.
    • Uppercase -all characters are capitalised.
    • Lower case – all characters appear in small letters.

    After having created a document and a need arise so as to change text cases then follow the steps below:

    1. Select text to be editted.
    2. Click Home ribbon (notice the tool bar)
    3. On font panel, identify and click on an icon as the one shown below. 
    4. Select a suitable case from the drop-down list then click within the document to unselect the text.

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      The above guide only works for an already generated document however in a case of typing and there is constant need to alternate between small and capital letters then simply:

      • Press Capslock key to type capital letters and press it again to switch back to small letters mode. when it’s on, a diode lights on the top right coner of the keyboard.
      • Press shift + (any letter) to type in either small or capital letters depending with the active mode set by Capslock key.

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