Dates are at times written with a slightly raised ‘th’ above other texts, measurements also are at times written with a raised value such as in  centimeters squared placing 2 slightly above Cm. This form of writing in Microsoft office word is known as superscripting. 

Also read: changing text from small to capital letters and vice versa 

Its immediate counter part is subscripting; this is a situation where text is to appear as a base of the other for example, in the water symbol H2O – number two appears slightly lower than letter “h” and “o” hence making it a subscript. Same to log numbers. 

To apply a subscript or a superscript on a text:

  • Select the text you want to format.
  • Click Home ribbon to display Font panel.
  • Click on either of the two circled icons (shown below) to subscript or superscript. Notice the changes on the highlighted text.

To inactivate the commands, click on them again. 


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