Smartphones are on the rise in phone markets globally however its in-ability to retain charge for longer periods establishes a potential weakness for competitors to counter.

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After the reincarnation of the etcht nokia 3310, ideas struck ‘dumb’ phone developers and of course implemented and results are now trailing into market shelves. 

Feature phones or as commonly branded ‘dumb‘ (phones that don’t have a touchscreen,GPS or an appstore) boast durability, long charge storage and easy to use spec however its users have for long grinned at their slow internet connections – a problem that smartphones solve.

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Lovers of this durable phones have now got a spec to smile on as they will be using the new generation of these ‘dumb’ gadgets as majority of them will have the capacity to support 4G LTE.

Though feature phones supporting 4G LTE exist, they are quite rare and often rugged devices. US chip maker Qualcomm however recently announced its 205 chipset that will allow more feature phones to achieve LTE speeds. This comes at a time when demand for high speed internet is high yet the infrastructure to support the same is limited to smart phones.

Qualcomm has partnered with a few feature phone developers like megaphone to increase production of ‘dumb’ phones supporting its 205 chipset and so these phones are expected to hit market in few months to come! 


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