As economic gears switch, countries and municipalities are opting for economically ‘healthy’ options which could ensure a stability in reign even as the leadership ensure a development for the citizens – to the citizen.
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Tamarc roads and concrete pavements have been for long been a staple and the standard for users in modern cities however maintaining this high end means of transport is proving quite expensive.  

With this economy, repaving a concrete pavement and fixing portholes on miles of a tarmac road would cost billions of dollars unlike crushing the very asphalt into gravel, leveling it and leting it at that.

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Omaha, a state in the US has chosen this way to go however residents have not welcomed the Mayor’s decision lightly. According to New york times, a few individuals are angered by the fact that the city is turning their asphalt roads into dirty gravel roads.

The city of Omaha convened a committee to review the decision though it is not the first US city to grind asphalt to gravel. The city is also sharing cost with “street owners” to repair portholes and pavements on the yet unconverted asphalt roads in the mean time. You could watch this video of one of the street owners speaking. Courtesy video. Click here


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