At some instance during editing a document you bump into a situation where there is need of making a duplicate (copy) of text or object within the same document or different location.

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There is a simpler way than getting to recreate the text/ object in another position. In Microsoft office word 2007 we use a copying tool referred to as copy

After this tool has been activated by clicking on copy command, the copied text/ object is temporarily held in a storage location known as clipboard. It is there after moved to the intended position after clicking on paste.

If you want to copy text/ object in Microsoft office word 2007 then follow the below guide.

  1. Highlight the text/ object.
  2. Click on Home ribbon then from the clipboard panel, identify copy command and click it. 
  3. Position the insertion pointer where you want the text/ object to be placed.
  4. Click paste command from clipboard panel 

To use keyboard shortcuts. 

  • Press Ctrl+C to copy
  • Press Ctrl+V to paste

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You also can use the a mouse to copy, select the text/ object to be copied then press and hold ctrl key then click and dragthe text/ object the required position then release the left mouse button.


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