Infertility in men is quite common just like in female however sometimes it goes unnoticed due to socio-economic drawbacks such as stigma, in availability of standard testing tools and high cost billing. 

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Thanks to the Havard’s smart brains that have designed a new gadget that comes with its app to solve these problems, men can now tell their ability to procreate with a 98% accuracy  in annalysing sperm count from local clinics or privately at home using their smart phones. 

“To facilitate the necessary testing, kanakasabapathy et al. Have designed a smartphone based assay that can be performed at home or in a remote clinic without access to laboratory equipment” the Havard University team noted in their abstract

The device costs the delveloper a paltry $4.45 to bring it to work. Its prototype at exhibition used less than 5 seconds to determine the ‘power’ of the swimmers. All the client needs to do is connect the gadget to a smartphone, collect 35 microliters of semen into minoscule tube  that comes with a microfluidic chip then seal it and then use the device LED to examine the swimmers! 

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Still in its nascent stage, the at-home-tester even doesn’t have a name yet nor has it been approved by the food and health administration therefore we got sometime to wait for a brighter tomorrow so as to do fertility test using our smart phones!!!!!


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