To search for a word or phrase in a large document, use the find command, in case you want to replace a word or phrase use the Replace option. 

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To find a word or phrase:

  • Open the document you want to search in.
  • Click home ribbon.

      • From editting panel click on find icon. 

      • A dialogue box appears like the one shown below, type the word/ phrase to find  in the find what box. Click on find next. The result is highlighted within the document.

      You also would specify a search criteria by clicking on more! See how to by clicking here!

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      To replace the found word/ phrase: 

      • Click the Replace tab (pointed by ared arrow below) to display the Replace with text box.

      • In the replace with box type in a word/ phrase to replace with the one found.
      • Click replace if you want to replace only the found word or click on replace all to replace all the occurrences of the found word.

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